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Recent Action Alerts

Short on time? Curious about what advocates around the country are doing to address the school food environment? Click on the links below to learn more and to take action in five minutes or less.

Sign onto the Campaign to Stop Junk Food Advertising on Nickelodeon

Urge Nickelodeon to follow Disney’s lead and stop advertising junk food to children.

Sign onto the Moms Not Lovin’ It Campaign

Join tens of thousands around the world to show McDonald's you want it to stop its predatory marketing to kids. Share this image with your friends and family.

Tell Facebook not to target kids under 13

Recent reports suggest that Facebook may revise its terms of use to allow children 12 and under to create a profile on the site. Not only does allowing children onto the social media site expose them to the largest online data-collection system, but it also will expose them to harmful food and beverage ads.